There is no doubt that in the heart of summer, every girl wants to be looking their best. Believe it or not #hashtag female problems, packing for your next girls trip or romantic summer get away can be somewhat frustrating, so having the right travel essentials is definitely one step closer to a stress-free vacay. Of course, all of us ladies want to be looking summertime fine while strutting our stuff in a new city, so not only should your bag be filled with amazing essentials, but chic and trendy items too. Below, I have created a personal style guide to some of my favourite summer trends that will make packing a breeze. Let’s stay chic, trendy and stress-free while traveling this summer ladies!

1. The Good Look

You can never go wrong with 90’s vintage washed out high-waisted Levi shorts from The Vintage Twin in New York. They were originally made in Columbia and this item is honestly one of my best buys! Bom día ladies! I have chosen to team these amazing shorts with a plain white T, which never goes out of fashion might I add #hashtag trending for life. The double buckle belt from Asos is a well-known accesory due to its fab adjustable properties. It’s perfect for accentuating your waist line or lustrous lady hips, switching up any outfit in just about seconds. No summer outfit is complete without a good pair of comfortable sandals. This 2 strap mini platform slide sandal is an ultimate summer must have. The Alpha and Thrills style from Steve Madden are 2 of my favourite designs. Lastly, simple and chic arm candy adds that final touch to any summer outfit. This silver Micheal Kors bracelet is a perfect finishing touch and it doesn’t break the bank either. Change your top to something sexier with a pair of heels and you have a completely new outfit for dinner or the clurb. Versatile or what?!

2. The Metallic Bikini

Thank you, Reese Witherspoon and the movie Legally Blonde for making these bikinis the sexiest wearable pieces of material this summer and taking us all the way back to 2001 with these metallic shades of hotness. Simple to pack and a fashion statement on its own, the only other accessories you need are a pair of amazing shades and your sunscreen! The candy pink trio is from Kailani Swimwear in Florida and I got my electric blue g-string ensemble along Venice Beach Boardwalk in LA. Bend and snap!

3. The Espadrille

Sneakers are usually great for walking around town, but it does casualize your look. A pair of summer shaded espadrilles softens any vacay outfit. The lighter the colour, the softer the look. For a more lush, lady-like appearance, peachy, pink or creamy coloured espadrilles are any girly-girls summer must have. You can find them in almost any female shoe store and if you would like to go for an even bolder look, designer ones usually come in more interesting patterns. They are also easy and light to pack – giving this item a thumbs up for being travel friendly. Above is a pair of my favourite pair of espadrilles from Valentino (Kassandra Copenhagen).

4. The Signature Scent

A signature summer scent completes any woman’s outfit. Something light, fresh and long-lasting is usually my favourite combination. Remember that when purchasing your favourite perfume in any duty free store, the standard hand luggage limit is max 100ml. If you are purchasing anything above that, be sure to pack it into your check-inned luggage. Above is my all time favourite, Chanel No 5. It’s pure, fresh and classy. What more can a woman (or your man) want?

5. Vintage

My obsession with vintage is a never ending love story. Vintage accessories add a nostalgic touch to any summer look. These timeless items never go out of fashion and any summer vintage piece is an all time fashion essential! Above, is a 70’s mini burnt orange Chanel sling bag from Squaresville, CA – I honestly died and came back to life when I saw it. Mini-bags (see previous post for the mini-backpacks) are perfect for smart packing as they don’t take up a lot of space, yet are still are able hold your most important belongings. Trendy, smart as well as a great bargain – vintage FTW!

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