The Supreme Ultrasonic Facial Lift from Team Doctor Joseph will answer all of your complexion dreams. This new skin care technology originates from Italy and focuses solely on high-tech organic ingredients that are plant based and vegan friendly. Its foundation lies in a unique laboratory that differs from many other facial products and their production process, specifically: sustainable biological cultivation through its very own garden. The eco-friendly nature of these products allowed me piece of mind knowing that not only is my skin taken care of correctly but so is the environment too.

If you are anything like me: a health enthusiast that genuinely cares about what goes into your body and onto your skin, it’s probably also important for you to find facial products that reflect this. The Supreme Ultrasonic Facial Lift is a rejuvenating experience accompanied by the brands organic based products. It added a refreshing touch to my skin which left me feeling rejuvenated and confident about my new complexion.

The Process:

The treatment began with a deep breathing exercise to calm and center my body. It was followed by a lymphatic drainage technique, herbal steam press and milk cleanser to clear out all the toxins from my skin and open up my pores for maximum product absorption. The exfoliation consisted of fruit acid peel that was applied with a soft fan brush to encourage lymphatic circulation around my face. An ultrasonic machine called The Perfect Device was used to enhance this treatment. This device (used in conjunction with their organic products) specialises in using low ultrasound frequencies to penetrate through dense skin layering, resulting in bio stimulation. The machine worked through my skin without the slightest bit of irritation, making it suitable for all skin types. This was followed by an algae mask that detoxified and tightened my skin, as well as an application of skin specific serum that was used for hydration. The most amazing aspect about The Perfect Device is that by a flick of a button, it goes from peeling to a repairing mechanism, allowing my skin the best of both worlds. After the serum was applied, The Perfect Device was used again for a repairing process. This allowed deeper penetration into my pores, stimulating product absorption of all its necessary nutrients. The treatment ended with a relaxing massage over the neck and face, which relieved any final tension in my facial area.


Dry skin with no glow


Rejuvenated glowing skin



The Supreme Ultrasonic Facial Lift left my skin flawless, with a smooth and glowing texture. The aftercare products enhanced the appearance of my face significantly, which I didn’t think was possible after seeing the amazing results from the treatment. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to revitalise and purify their skin in the most natural way possible. The bonus is that you are saving the environment too!

Follow this revolutionary brand on Instagram @teamdrjospeh or click here to find out more about their organic and vegan friendly products. P.S. saving the environment makes you a super hero too!


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