My name is Alyssa Chante Arendse and I am a South African export living abroad. Initially I hated my second name and would purposely omit it, however I have decided to change that. I intend to use this platform to express who I am so people can get to know ME, the real me. The good and the bad ghetto american second named me (no offence to anyone with that name, it is beautiful and that is why my parents chose it). Albeit, it actually originates from France and once translated it means “to sing”, I think most of us can agree that we all have a tendency to doubt or not like certain things about ourselves for some unknown reason. Weird right? So I have decided that I want to be proud of who I am and my full name, what I do, where I come from and where I am going.

In my home town, Cape Town, South Africa, I have always felt that many people “knew of me” but did not really know me. To some extent, I have always enjoyed being private and allowing only family and close friends insight into this side of me.  It is not to say that now I am going let all my baggage hang out in some digital cloud, but rather express my ideas and visions globally, showcase specific parts of my life, my style, travel endavours and creative portfolio.

I have a bachelors degree in Film and Media and I have always had a passion for writing. I want to invite my readers to get to know me, my visions, work and lifestyle.

Currently I am living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I intend to use my website to create transparency as a foreigner living outside of their homeland yet at the same time embrace and incorporate international culture and visions in my work.

So, you are probably thinking why I chose the name Not a Blogger Ok? First things first, I do not have anything against bloggers and of course this is a blog itself but I want this space to be defined by who I am and not what mainstream blogging is about. It will most certainly integrate aspects of blogging but in the future hopefully consolidate more with digital influencing.

I do not believe that life should have too many rules, I think it should be lived and experienced individually, not in themes or by what society tells you to do. Not a Blogger Ok incorporates this in its culture. If you are looking for a theme, you could call it LIVING.

Lastly, the name allows me to write freely. I am not just a blogger. I am a daughter, girlfriend, sister, best friend, independent woman, wandering but not lost millennial, flexible yogi, hard working employee, nerdy student, big dreamer and world traveler – I could go on but I think you get the picture. This is what I want to emphasize-I am not defined by one thing, but by many.

Consider this an online journal with links to my personal iPhone photo album, canon memory card, my heart when its touched and my mind when its inspired.

I look forward to your comments/constructive critisim and having you with me along my journey.

Parental guidance is advised (jokes), although I love wearing Brazilian bikini’s, tanning topless and sometimes I swear but in a cute way.




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  1. Beautifully written, love the take on your perspective and look forward to seeing more of your aspirations unfold through this platform! 🙂

  2. The only blog I’d actually follow, not just because I know you – but because I feel like you’re doing something so amazing with your life and this blog is more representative of YOU rather than a space for commercial endorsements or a facade version of yourself for the public eye. I’ve never been one to “follow” others and their lives, but from reading your introductory post I’m interested to see what else you have to share – especially your writing since you mentioned it as one of your interests. I’m always keen to read contemporary pieces of literature – fiction or non-fiction. That being said, it takes a lot of lady balls to go against the grain and make your own destiny in a world that is predetermined, being either black or white. I especially like the theme of “living” and your message of not being confined by one definition/idea/aspect of your life. Also, I like how you’ve embraced your name. It shows how you’re becoming comfortable with who you are – which something we don’t all feel but should. So yeah, even though I know you, I don’t REALLY know you and am looking forward to getting to know your creative side!

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