Alyssa Arendse

Bachelor of arts graduate in film, media & writing as well as the founder and creative director behind Not A Blogger Ok. Initially she did not work in her field of study, but first attained a career in front of the camera. She was scouted as a model in her home town, Cape Town, South Africa while studying at the University of Cape Town. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree she decided to pursue a career in modeling.

She has worked with many local and international brands such as Cosmopolitan SA, Glamour SA, Supersport, Shape Magazine SA, Jacque Lagrange, Clearasil USA, Pergo International, Coca-Cola Scandinavia, Getty Images, Jansen Worldwide & Nielsen’s NYC to name a few. In 2014 she acted as a brand ambassador for her country by participating in Miss South Africa in which she placed top 33 for her country and top 9 for the Western Cape. She has also participated in World Swimsuit 2016 in which she ranked #18 amongst hundreds of entrants.

Although modeling has been rewarding for her, it did not fulfill all the creative elements in which she desired to work in. Therefore, she created Not A Blogger Ok as an online portal to showcase her ideas, work, portfolio & lifestyle while continuing to pursue a part time modeling career, work and further her studies internationally.

Not A Blogger Ok aims to bind her artistic & academic ideas by using her educational background and incorporating her local & international influences in her work. It represents those who want to live life to the fullest, make the impossible possible and be the best creative and academic versions of themselves.

Alyssa is a South African export based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is also a fitness and health enthusiast with a passion for travel, acting, music and dance.

© All art direction, styling, post production, photography & writing will be designed and created by Alyssa herself, unless otherwise stated.

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